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                 ¡ô WZ-series external circulation concentrator ¡ô

                Product Name:WZ-series external circulation concentrator

                Purpose:The equipment is widely used in liquid material concentrating of medicine,chemical industry and foodstuff as recovery of organic solvent Especially suitable for thermal sentitive materials such as alcohol extracting liquid,antibioticzymotic liquid,fermentation liquid, fruit juice and milk under vacuum condition making low temperature continuous concentration.It has much better effectiveness in various and small quantity materials.

                   1.Alcohol recycling:strong recycling capacity,, adopt vacuum concentrating flow, the production rate has improved 5-10 times than the old types, reduced 30% of energy cost. It has the character that small investment but big profit.
                   2.concentrating materials: the equipmet adopts the style that combineing externall heating cycling and vacuum vaporizing. Vaporizing speed is very fast, concentrating gravity can reach to 1.3. The liquid materials are concentrated under the completely sealing condition and three is no foaming. The liquid concentrated by this equipment has the features that no pollution and strong flavor. And it is easy to clean(cleaning can be done as soon as opening the upper and lower covers).The machine is easy to operate, covers small areas, the heater and vaporizer adopt the stainless steel heat keeping structurre, the shell is made of stainless steel and the surface is mirror or matted process.

                Main Technique Parameter£º

                Model Items    WZ-300 WZ-500 WZ-1000 WZ-2000 WZ-3000
                Evaporation capacity£¨kg/h£© 300 500 1000 2000 3000
                Cost steam£¨kg/h£© 330 550 1100 2200 3300
                Steam pressure£¨Mpa£© £¼0£®1Mpa
                Vacuum degree£¨Mpa£© 0.06¡«0.08
                Heat area£¨m2£© 4.5 7 14 28 56
                Condenser area£¨m2£© 6 10 20 40 60

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