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                 ¡ô SJN3 series three energy saving concentrator ¡ô

                Product Name:SJN3 series three energy saving concentrator

                Purpose:The equipment is used in chinese traditional medicine,western medicine,glucose,starch,MSG,dairy products and chemist to conce ntrate their liquid,especially suitable for termally sensitive materials to concentrate.

                Features:Combining the advantages of domastic homogeneous products and clients suggestion, our company improved the design aboratively,and the effectiveness is much better.
                    1.Adopts the form of making output heat circulation system and vacuum negative evaporation combining together to fasten the speed. Concentrating gravity can reach 1.25.
                    2.The liquid is concentrated in sealing and without foam condition. The materials flowed out have no pollution, the taste of the medicine is very heavy, the cream is made evenly.
                    3.With adoption of three-efficient simultaneouse evaporation, three-time repeatde usage of vapour, the concentrator saveenergy consumption, which is reduced 70% compared with single-ef ficient one.
                    4.The solvent recovery device can be designed according to the clients?special requirmet. Three different medical liquids can be concentrated simultaneously. Concentrating three different medicinal liquid, one-efficient, double-efficient, three-efficient can recovery the cream in many times. The material can be added contiunously.   
                    5.The parts contacts with materials is made of stainless steel and reaches GMP standard.The surface of insulating layersof heater and evaporator is made of stainless steel, which makes its feature good-looking and deluxe.
                    6.This equipments can automatically drain, alleviate to labor the strength, and have the half automation the function.

                Main Technique Parameter£º

                Model Items SJN3-500 SJN3-1000 SJN3-1500 SJN3-2000 SJN3-3000
                Evaporation capacity£¨kg/h£© 500 1000 1500 2000 3000
                Cost steam£¨kg/h£© 400 700 1100 1400 2200
                Steam pressure£¨Mpa£© £¼0£®1Mpa
                Dimension£¨m£©L*W*H 5.3*1*3.4 7.0*1.5*4.0 7.5*1.5*4.0 7.9*1.8*4.0 8.5*2*4.3
                Cost water£¨T/H£© 9 18 27 36 60

                Copyright ©2007-2008 Danyang Huatai Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd
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